Property Company profile

    Shenzhen New World Property Management Co.,Ltd is a professional property management company established by Shenzhen New World Group for the development of real estate and with the aim of high standard construction and high-grade management. New World Property Management Co.,Ltd aims to create a famous property management company, introduces advanced management theory, adopts brand new management operation mechanism and try to reach high management level in a short time .

    The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating property management, domestic trade and material supply and sales. The company was established in June of 1997 with registered capital of RMB 5 million. Now the company has got nation’s first level property management company qualification and its subordinates Hongmei Yuan, Meiqin Building, Mountain and Moon Residence, Luyin Green Field and other communities have got the title of “City’s Best” and Litchi Garden Pavilion, Mountain and Moon Residence and Luyin Green Field have got the title of “Landscape Style” garden community. The company has taken over many properties such as Hongmei Yuan, Meiqin Building, first and second phase of Litchi Garden Pavilion, Mountain and Moon Residence, Luyin Green Field, New World Homeland, New World business Center, Wuxi New World International Textile and Garment City and other. The total management area has reached more than 1 million square meters. Based on the service orientation of taking over one, managing one better and climbing a higher grade, we provide a complete and integrated management for the customers, which receiving universal good comments from customers.

    Property management company implements general manager responsibility mechanism. Based on the principle of “pragmatism, innovation, high-efficiency and intelligence and capability”, the company has set up general manager’s office, property department, financial department, leasing department and other management offices. Currently, the company has nearly 300 staff and 70 management personnel, including: more than 30 with or above college level education, nearly 50 with technical secondary school level education, most management people with property management certificate, more than 10 people having passed training of manger training class and got certificate, and 80% safety personnel are veterans. The management team has reached the standard of “young, intelligence and professionalism”. In the competitive property management industry, the company has promptly become Shenzhen property management industry’s another new force through successful operation.

    With the purpose of “think for the customers and try to satisfy the customers”, the property management company requires all the staff to reflect the working spirit of “ Say it, do it and do it well”, maintain the service attitude of “till the customers feel satisfied”, and provides multi-tiered and high level service for the customers.

    The property management company advocates modern lifestyle in the practice of management. With the theme of “Creating an ideal home”, the company tries to establish a leisure, cozy, peaceful, healthy residential community with strong cultural atmosphere and create a new property management mode.