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    New World Department Store: The fastest-growing upscale department store

    Shenzhen New World Department Store is one of Shenzhen New World Group’s wholly-owned subsidiaries and is another great project in retail industry in its developing process.

    New World Department Store is located in the junction of Meihua road and Meicun road in Shenzhen. It covers an area of 43000㎡,South near Lianhua Mountain, gazes into the CBD , and north arrived in the biggest sports park of Futian district. The company has its own property management, carried out the chain operation mode of centralized cashiering, centralized service, centralized image and centralized management. New World Department Store keeps on exploring and innovating in the retail industry and has won sound social reputation.

    Adhering to “People oriented” operation philosophy, New World Department Store is based on people’s personality, self-realization and the maximization of the value of people. Internally, it is in strict accordance with the advanced management mode of modern department stores, built a team with solid steady attitude and united team spirit; and created an intimate and rich enterprise culture. Externally, it focuses on shaping the enterprise image as kind and friendly and of noble quality. Through unceasing efforts in offering sincere service, and adhere to the service philosophy of “customers first, service first” and “customers’ satisfaction will be our best return ”, New World Department Store won respect and love from extensive customers. “New World” brand carries the greatest value of New World Department Store, and it is not pursuing for the first but for the first class.