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    New World Real Estate: Leader of Comprehensive Real Estate

    Real estate development is the core industry of Shenzhen New World Group. At present, the group’s main force engage in this industry are Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd and Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd (Collectively the “New World Real Estate”). Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd, a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in real estate development, operation and related investment., was established on 19, September 1997. It was the core enterprise and initiate enterprise of Shenzhen New World Group as well. Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd was ranked “Top 14 Developers in Shenzhen of year 2005” and among “Top Three Private Real Estate Developers”.

    New World Real Estate grasp the opportunity of urbanization development , based previously on Shang Merlin Village Renewal, to date, New World Real Estate has successfully developed  residential community like Hongmei Yuan, Meiqin Building, Liyuan Pavilion Phase I& II, Mountain and Moon Residence, Luyin Green Field, New World Garden and so on; New World business center, Wuxi New World International, New World Si Ji Imperial Garden, New World Si Ji Shan Shui Phase I &II and many other residence communities; the building area covers more than 2 million m2. New World seaside-around mountain project, New World Seasons Square project etc.

    Its sustainable development strategy, sound project resource, excellent customer service and reputable brand image gains Shenzhen Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd a more solid and bright leading position in this field.

    New World Investment: Customers’ lasting trust is our highest honor

    Shenzhen New World Investment Development Co.,Ltd was established on 9, April, 1997, major businesses including real estate development, investment in industries, supply and sales of business and materials and other.

    In January of 2002, Shenzhen New World Investment Development Co.,Ltd accepted equity transfer of Shenzhen Wankeda Investment Co.,Ltd. The name of Shenzhen Wankeda Investment Co.,Ltd was changed to Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd in December of 2003.

    In 2004, Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd successfully developed the office building- New World Center, which was awarded as “Top 10 Classic Office Building in China of 2005”

    In May of 2007, Shenzhen New World Investment Co.,Ltd was awarded ” Futian Top 100 Private Enterprise taxpayer of year 2006”, ranked 16.

    In 2016, New World Investment CO., Ltd successfully developed a global ecological business benchmark-New World Wenbo Center.

    Wuxi New World International Textile and Garment City Co., Ltd.: Foresight, Height of Achievements

    Wuxi New World International project locates at the core area of China Industrial Expo Park, one of the city's eight major expo park which developed by Wuxi Municipal committee and government, and the project was developed by Shenzhen New World Group who invested 7 billion Yuan. The total area of this project is 1.3 million m2, divided into North District, South District and Central Business District. The North and South districts are designed to be the industrial trading area; the Central Business District is designed to be a commercial area. The entire project is planned to build more than 30,000 shops, 160 elevators and 7,258 parking spaces. The commercial area covers 380,000 m2, which includes professional market, office buildings, senior apartments, import and export trade, department stores, logistics, leisure and entertainment business facilities etc.

    On December 27th, 2004, Wuxi New World International Trade Fashion Mall held a grand opening ceremony. The project, construction and management are fully supported by Wuxi government Jiangsu Province; Provincial and municipal leaders had fully affirmed the New World International development in many important occasions. This project successively won the 2004-2008 key projects of Wuxi city and key construction project of Jiangsu Province; "2005 China top ten typical commercial property", China top ten typical commercial properties and 2006 most influential professional market in China etc. In 2005, New World International Expo Center is confirmed as a permanent site for annual "China (Wuxi) International Textile and Apparel Trade Fair" by China Textile Industry Association.

    The current Wuxi New World International has become a comprehensive modern business city in Yangtze River Delta, which integrates the commercial transactions, cultural promotion and logistics distribution.