New World Group Heads the List of Top 100 Real Estate Companies of 2016

The “2016 Real Estate Ceremony and  Real Estate Industry Comprehensive Evaluation Conference” hosted by Shenzhen Real Estate Association is held grandly on July 28., 2016. During this ceremony, the development status of shenzhen real estate industry of 2015 is summearized, the direction for future development of the industry is prospected, and the comprehensive evaluation result has been released. Shenzhen New World Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Ranks 23 in comprehensive strength among shenzhen real estate companies.
New World Group takes part in urban renewal of shenzhen actively and greatly promotes the city development and the transformation and upgrading of the industry. It provides important space resource for Shenzhen city to transform from rapid urbanization to fore-and-aft urbanization. Shenzhen New World Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.has been enthusiastic about commonweal, especially in the area of supporting disaster areas, poor areas, cultural and health undertakings and helping the disadvantaged. It insist in practing the development philosophy of harmony and sharing, and is well accepted by the society. This ranking is a demonstration of the style and strength of Shenzhen New World.