New World Group’s General Manager Yanjun Attended the UABB Phoenix City Forum


On Dec. 13th, 2015, the UABB Phoenix City Forum was held successfully at theLecture Hall of the exhibition hall of Bi-city Biennale ofUrbanism/Architecture. UABB Phoenix City Forum invited the world’s leadingPlanners of Biennale Exhibition/Master Architects/Organization of Culture Studyof famous cities worldwide/Scholars/Developers, etc. to participate the forumwith the purpose of building a platform for high-level dialogues –focus on thetheme of the 2015 Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture “Re-living the City”-forglobal urban architectural culture. The Forum focused on seeking common groundswhile shelving differences, and aimed at further integrate and boost globalurban architectural culture to achieve common development through interactionof urban architecture and culture of different regions. The theme of this Forumis “Future Cities·Living Space”. New World Group’s General Manager Yanjun attended theForum on behalf of New World Group. Mr. Yan shared his opinions mainly on hottopics of urban renewal and house price tendency.

Mr.Yan pointed out that, the exploitable land resource in Shenzhen is limited,thus, how to maintain sustainable development of the city under the circumstancesof rapid urban development and rapid population expansion is a problem that wehave to think about and face to. The root cause of the high house price is theconflict between supply and demand which results from the imbalance of limitedsupply and robust demand. In this case, how to maintain the sustainabledevelopment of the city and how to build a better Shenzhen using the existingresources is the problem that should be thought over by us policy makers,planners, architects and even developers of the city. As we know, Shenzhen’sland resource is reducing increasingly, development of land need to shift from incrementalspace construction to storage space optimization. Urban renewal is a potentialexploration and redevelopment of storage land resource, and is an attempt andexploration of realizing optimization and upgrade of land economic output. For Shenzhen,urban renewal is the most effective way to exploit land potentiality and expandthe developed space.

This has been the second time that Shenzhen New World Group attended the exhibition.As the main sponsor of this exhibition, New World Group wishes to take thisopportunity to encourage people to respect environment and humanity in thecourse of urban renewal, and to rethink about this city while reuse the statusquo of architecture. The purpose is to reshape people’s daily life with theinjection of contemporary elements and cultural connotations through design.

New World Group believes that the development of cities should aim at not onlybigger but better. City should have higher sustainability and comfortablenessand the openness of coping with changes and reconstructions, and should have abetter appearance. The best way to improve the urban environment is to approachfrom the existing conditions and start from now to integrate all existingresources. The purpose of planning and design is to provide people with betterexperience in life, work and entertainment. We, enterprises or individuals, arepart of Shenzhen, every breath and heartbeat of this city is closely related tous all, therefore, we have missions and responsibilities towards this city.